Anythynge You Want To Anythynge You Want To

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Edmond Edmond

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This staple of Firesign's live shows has appeared in abbreviated form on their Not Insane album (a live performance), in updated form on the Radio Now Live 2-CD set (also a live performance), and as a definitive studio recording released on vinyl in 1981 as "Shakespeare's Lost Comedie". The constraints of the 12" record album format forced the group to edit the recording to reduce the running time of the vinyl release. The complete uncut version of this studio recording is now available in digital form.

Anythynge You Want To (1977)

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If you liked the album "Shakespeare's Lost Comedie" you'll like this CD: it's the "full" version with content that wasn't on the LP.

If you don't know Firesign Theatre, this wouldn't be the first one I'd buy, simply because it's so dense--it's a fantastic CD, but it helps if you know your Shakespeare and have a lot of patience. The runs of puns are brilliant.

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