Just Folks: A Firesign Chat Just Folks: A Firesign Chat

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The freewheeling '60s is hamstrung by the hangover of the '70s in this examination of Carter-era America. The album consists of man-on-the-street interviews mixed with a healthy dose of media skewering. The final cut is the first studio recording of Firesign's signature routine "Pass The Indian Please," - a staple of their past live performances.

The Firesign Theatre: Just Folks... A Firesign Chat (1977)
LP Butterfly Records FLY001

The Firesign Theatre: n. 1: Phil Austin, Peter Bergman, David Ossman & Philip Proctor, 2: (circa 1977) a rare entity of comic genius spawned in 1967 and continuing to the present date, 3: of or relating to the humor of the decline of Western civilization, 4: four individuals of unlimited creative brilliance with obsessive attachment to pathological arrangements [sic: humor] of light and sound (see aural fixation), 5: term used to denote verbal or visual satirization of current events (particularly social and or political occurrences) [see James Carter 39th President] 6: a remarkable collective and or bizarre process resulting in Just Folks... A Firesign Chat (ie: an introduction of the United States to our newly elected President)
Usage: "Yes it's true, Dulcinea, replied Don Quixote. The Firesign Theatre has finally come home." Cervantes (Spanish Writer)

Written, performed and produced before Inauguration Day, January 20, 1977, by Philip Austin, Peter Bergman, David Ossman and Philip Proctor.

Handmade at Watermark Studios, North Hollywood, December 1976. Recorded "live" on location in Ducktown, U.S.A. Field recordings by Cpl. Vaugn Earl-Jive Filkins, USMC. Catering by Oona of Hollywood. Cover painting: John Lykes. Art Director: Glenn Ross. Special Thanx to: A.J. Cervantes, Nancy Sain and Richard Chemel.

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